Learning to Let Go

I celebrated 20 years with a major Canadian Insurer this January, and 2 weeks later I resigned. As I opened up to Senior Vice Presidents, Co-workers and friends, I heard how brave I must be , to make such life changing decision. To be honest, I don’t see it.  The job was slowing killing me.  More education, led to more money, which led to more responsibility, which led to more corporate policy (aka bullshit,) which led to less creativity and less engagement.

The gossip has likely already started.  Poor thing, she lost her husband and lost her mind!  She’ll come to her senses.  Or, less nice ones, wow must be nice to have life insurance money to live on.  She’ll regret that, when all that money is gone.  Truth is I wanted to quit this job before he died. And there wasn’t enough life insurance to pay off the debt, let alone quit a 6-figure income. We were a blended family and our life insurance was individually set up to take care of our children first.

The short of it is,  I can’t do this anymore.  I can’t go to work every day and be someone I am not.  My direction right now is unknown.  All I have to choose is left or right at the end of the street, the universe will take it from there. I am not sure what my future looks like, but I would love for you to join me, as I discover! That’s it, just, as I discover.  I can’t tell you what that might be, but I can tell you I plan to explore people, places, food, love, hope, balance, my physical and emotional being and much, much more.  I want to hear about your adventures, and I want to share mine with you. And if I roll in to your town, maybe we can have tea and share recipes for a good life, or a maybe it’s just a recipe for a great vegan+ casserole.

I am strong, yes that is true, but I am stronger with you.




3 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. I’m in! Cant wait to share in this journey with you.

    This wildchild you have released is the you I’ve always seen.

    Cheers my friend. See you when I see you and I know it will be fun!


  2. Ow Lisa, this is like listening to my own thoughts. I think the same as you and want the same things from life. I’ve just been promoted at work and earn more money then every before and am I happy? No!! I couldn’t give a shit about money or the job status I want freedom, I want to be time rich.

    Well done you I’m proud of you and I’m watching you grow 👌

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