What Are You Bringing to the Dinner Table?

In three days my veggie eatin’ daughter will be home.  I am so excited to see her and feed her good food.  She is a vegetarian, so there will be cheese in the house, and compromises to be made.  Food is such an important part of a families time together. The dinner table is where we share our day , laugh with our mouths full and nourish our bodies.

My experience, as a what some would call a vegan, has been that I need to support the choices of the people I love, if I expect them to also support me.  Last week I spent the weekend with my son, a meat lover.  Every mom knows that when you go to your son’s house, you cook and clean! So I cooked chicken, watched him fry bacon, shared my veggies and hemp milk and scrubbed his kitchen with the non-environmentally friendly cleaners.  What I got in return was amazing conversation, hugs, laughs, a few tears, and an overwhelming sense of pride in the man he is becoming.

My children grew up being a part of a blended family, meal time could be challenging; when they ate so radically different in each parents household. But if you educate them, respect their choices and give them options, you will end up with young adults that appreciate the diversity that shapes our lives, not just at the dinner table.



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