Crying at Costco

Today I brought my Actifry back to Costco for refund.  I love how easy it is to return things to Costco. No receipt, no problem; they have a history of every item I have ever purchased.  The data analyst in me, gets the warm fuzzies every time they look up a receipt for me.  This data is why they know how stock the shelves, with the things we want.

While the associate is serving me, a lady wearing a beautiful black scarf on her head, walks by blowing kisses to all the staff behind the customer service counter.  The lady serving me, starts blowing back kisses and then she fills up with tears.  She turns to me and says “some days we forget how fortunate we are!” Apparently the lady in the scarf is a co-worker and is off sick.  “Yes”, I say ” sometimes we do forget.”  It was followed up by, a big tear rolling down my cheek.

She held my hand and began to tell me about her recent loss, I tell her about mine.  We agree that time to prepare seems like a gift and yet at the same time – not. A box of tissues break out and we wipe our eyes and nose, and agree if anyone asks, we are crying over the loss of this fine Actifry.

Laugh and dance whenever and where ever you feel like it, and cry with the same commitment.  What makes us human are these amazingly raw feelings that connect us to each other.


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