My Professional profile has 20 plus years of dedication to education, development and collaboration, and like most of us I was a parent, a spouse and a friend at the same time. I mindfully use parent – not mom, and spouse – not wife, because I believe my journey is not exclusive to being female. Somewhere along the way, however, the “I” started to get lost.  Early menopause did not help. The kids were raised and taking care of themselves and all I thought I had to do next, was dive into work for a couple of more years; and then I could live the dream – retirement at 55 with my amazing husband.  But then he died at 50 and I was left with a mess of dreams that looked impossible.

But I still had my career, I was reminded!  And, if there was one word to describe that career, it would be: Unfulfilling.

Maybe you have an entrepreneurial spirit, or just plain good ideas, that you are waiting for the right moment to action. And like me, you feel afraid.  You have too many people depending on you. You wish more people could relate to you. The excuses are many.

Well, after losing the only person on the planet that I thought understood my vision, I got sick.  Sick benefits at work kicked in and I felt more sick.  They wanted me to get back to normal; and in that moment, I clearly understood that I had never been normal, and there was no going back.  So, what’s a girl to do?

It took a ton of counselling, a lot of late night conversations with friends and a lot of soul searching but what I now believe is ….

  • I am enough
  • I deserve love and joy in my life
  • Life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward
  • I am a crazy talented, creative, loving woman; who can create a sustainable future for myself
  • “In prosperity our friends know us. In adversity we know our friends”

As I Find Myself, I invite you to join me on this adventure.  Let’s inspire each other to live differently.  My different might be working from the beach, yours may be standing up in that boardroom and being your amazing authentic self, advocating for change.

Why The Brave Squirrel?

I sat on my front deck last fall, watching the squirrels find ways to make it to the bird feeders and I was astounded by their bravery.  They just jumped from tree to tree, with full confidence and grace – never appearing to be worried about falling to their death.  I couldn’t help think – I want to be like that! And so here I am, being brave and asking you to be brave with me.

Join me here or on social media, so we can create a community of inspired men and women working towards a sustainable life.  And let’s be honest about the things we perceive are getting in our way.

This little one failed 20 times before finally making it to the feeder – but kept on trying.