About Lisa

Just re-opening this blog;  I deleted everything last year and took a break to find some balance.

Please tell me; does this sound familiar? Your alarm sounds, you open you eyes and there it is, the ceiling – you sleep on your back with your arm crossed over your chest, it still creeps your partner out. As you stare at the ceiling, you see a small crack, how did that get there? I guess the house does move with the seasons? I should touch it up with a little plaster? If I do that I will need to paint it. I hate painting. Maybe I should call Mom and invite her over to help, she likes painting. She drinks way too much tea, especially with the aspartame, and I hate it when she throws her tea bags in the sink. How did ‘ceiling’ turn into tea bags in the sink in 30 seconds or less?

Does your mind spiral in and out of the moment at the speed of light? If only you had a space station to analyze this phenomenon frame by frame, but then again it can take minutes to hours for a message to get from Earth to the spacecraft, or vice versa, and by then you will have breakfast cooked, a load of laundry in, kids off to school and have replied to three emails. The crack in the ceiling is just a distant memory, as are the tea bags in the sink.

Writing quiets my mind. Please be patient with me as I figure out what I am doing here You can Love it (like, follow, friends request or retweet), or feel free to Shred it(unfollow, delete, un-friend.) Ah, if life where that easy.



6 thoughts on “About Lisa

  1. I started blogging for the same reason, after attending a writing workshop. My experience is that blogging takes on a life of its own, but one that is lots of fun. Good luck with your writing! p.s. I think we must live in the same part of the .ca country.

    1. Thank you Jane, So far it has been a great experience fellow bloggers are very kind and have been open with advice; and yes I am in Riverview. I am loving your Running posts.

  2. I too started blogging as a way to make myself write regularly. I had joined a writing group which helped me to focus and produce “homework” each week. My blog started off with these stories but it now contains whatever I feel like writing about – lots of different directions! It becomes addictive and very enjoyable, especially when I meet like-minded bloggers. I enjoyed reading some of your entries.

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